Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shannon, I'm so glad that you noted Tompkins's 10 pieces of literacy.  I think this is very valuable information for classroom teachers to be aware of.  I also think the three of you recognize how powerful, motivationally, technology is to students.  Using technology to display knowledge (like a powerpoint presentation or website) is interesting and often an performance based and authentic assessment of student comprehension.  And, students get to be creative!  Don't limit "technology" to computers-- think music, leap frogs, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, etc.  These "learning tools" are becoming popular in many elementary level classrooms.

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  1. You make a good point about not limiting technology to computers. I have seen in many classrooms if one tries to implement something besides a computer in a classroom, many teachers are apprehensive and do not see the learning benefit to things such as leap pads and digital cameras. Although, I have found out that a local elementary school purchased a Wii Fit for the special education classroom to use with their students!