Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What does it mean to be 'literate?'

When my group was asked to define what it meant to be 'literate' we came up with several ideas:

  • First, we determined it meant being able to have a multicultural understanding of the world. The means being able to take into consideration other points of view from different cultures when making a decision. 
  • Next, we felt it was important to be an informed and participating citizen in society.   
  • Another portion to this definition is visual and audial reading and understanding. We feel that by including audial reading, this includes those with visual impairments or other cognitive impairments that limits them to only printed text. 
  • Comprehension and interpretation of a given subject matter is also vital for literacy. Not only is the 'traditional' idea of comprehension important, but being able to take in a given idea and make it into your own unique interpretation is also important in understanding. 
  • Oral communication – or visual communication is also an important part of being literate. Individuals need to share their ideas, and thoughts with their peers to help contribute to the future of literacy .  
  • Finally, in our ever developing world it is vital to understand and impliment use of the techonologies of our time.

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